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juny 10 2018

Highlights of GLOBED Internship

GLOBED students undertake three-months internships in international organisations, NGOs, national aid agencies and higher education institutions. This post draws on the reports of the first (2015-17) and second (2016-18) cohorts in order to briefly outline their activities and observations. The post also collects a small repository of tools that are helpful for analysing these institutions.

Learning by doing

  • A few GLOBED students participated in research projects. For instance, the main themes had to do with public-private partnerships, the education of refugees, socio-economic segregation and inclusive sports.

  • Most of them collaborated in writing policy reports and literature reviews for international organisations, NGOs and charities.

  • Some of them were asked to update repositories of documents that may be helpful for practitioners in different professional areas.

  • A few GLOBED students contributed to providing services such as scholarships or social support to students coming from specific target groups.

  • Each edition one or two students collaborated with consultants in the field of educational planning.

A few analytic insights

The Introduction of GLOBED Internship for the third (2017-2019) cohort states that assessment will require completing a journal and producing a brief analysis (see your digital portfolio in Inici-E-Portfoli on the left column of GLOBED General Moodle Room).

The following list points out some insights of the analyses produced by the first and the second cohorts.

  • International organisations (UN and other) significantly contribute to education policies for global development. Thus, their ‘core processes’ (see EFQM model below) normally include building on the capacities of the governments of low- and middle-income countries. But other typical core processes consist of collecting documentation, conducting policy-driven research, providing assistance to national plans, promoting curriculum development, and issuing policy papers are the main activities. For them, a crucial challenge is how to coordinate all these activities as well as how to balance the role of stakeholders.
  • Civil society organisations are involved in international aid, but many of them have engaged in advocacy too. These policy actors are particularly reflexive regarding their vision, their mission and their own potential.
  • Some partners who offer internships deliver services directly, mostly in order to foster the mobility of students. In Europe, there is a growing concern with the international mobility of refugee students. These organisations must respond to huge challenges in order to build a sufficient network of stakeholders. They are also experimenting with on-line learning.
  • Research is becoming a ‘core process’ for many official and civil society organisations involved in education and sustainable development. Not only programme evaluations require a research component, but the participant institutions of GLOBED internship also associate research with many other endeavours, namely: diagnosis, policy review, advocacy and governance (‘by numbers’).

Analysis toolkit

European Framework for Quality Management

Systemic Change

SWOT Analysis

Social Impact of Research

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