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maig 19 2016

Tools for Evaluating Social and Development Programmes

Master’s degrees often require students to take an internship. In social sciences, development and education studies this activity normally consists of collaborating with a research center, an NGO, an international organisation or a government agency.

Both the mentors who receive a student in an external organisation and the coordinators of internships in universities participate in the assessments of internships. As a rule, mentors fill a grade sheet focusing on students’ interpersonal skills. Students submit varied types of academic reports to their coordinator, normally including pieces of their work, reflection on their activity and more formal analyses. GLOBED internship will start in the Summer of 2016. Students’ reports will include an analysis of the organisation and a collection of evidence showing their activity there.

Students can analyse either a programme or an organisation by applying a very simple criterion, namely looking at how the strategy, the processes and the results match. An array of tools are quite helpful to conduct these analyses:

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