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abr. 07 2015

The knowledge management of international education policy

The World Bank Systems Analysis for Better Educational Results, the Education for All Global Monitoring Report, the Global Partnership for Education Civil Society Education Fund and the European Union Open Method of Coordination are currently creating repositories and data sets as well as producing reports, score cards, guidelines, best practice case studies, policy briefs and guidelines in order to constitute worldwide systems of knowledge management in the field of education policy.

However, these initiatives largely overlook two important conditions of knowledge management.

First, their approach is not interested in developing the capabilities of specific organisations, particularly schools. Lead commentators on management such as Peter Drucker and Chris Argyris nevertheless highlighted the connection between innovation, knowledge and organisation.

Second, their approach mostly focuses on explicit knowledge. This is a very significant bias to the extent that knowledge management is particularly aware of the conversion of tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge (Nonaka, Collins).

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