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gen. 28 2018

Tradumàtica sponsors a Moses MT connector for OmegaT, by Aaron Madlon-Kay

Moses is a prominent statistical machine translation engine, and by virtue of being open source, it is also one of the more accessible ones. And now it is even easier for translators to query Moses as they work: I am pleased to announce the availability of a Moses MT connector built-in to OmegaT 4.1.3u2. This development was kindly sponsored by the Tradumàtica research group at UAB, whose interest was to be able to connect their Moses-based platform, MTradumàtica, to CAT tools.

The Moses MT connector for OmegaT started as a plugin created by yours truly. While this plugin made querying Moses possible, it was still not very easy: after installation, the Moses server URL had to be specified on the command line, which is not always an easy task. Now that it is integrated within OmegaT, however, it can take advantage of the new MT connector configuration GUI framework available since OmegaT 4.1.0.

To configure the Moses MT connector, open Preferences and go to Machine Translation. Select Moses, make sure its checkbox is enabled, and click Configure.

The configuration dialog offers a field in which you can type or paste the Moses server URL. This URL should be the XML-RPC endpoint of a mosesserver instance; this usually ends with “RPC2”.

Click the Test button to check if the connector can communicate with the server. In the screenshot below, the connection was refused (probably because the temporary access I was granted to MTradumàtica for testing purposes has expired). In the event of an error, more details are made available in the log (see Help > Log). If the connection works as expected, the dialog will show the message “OK”.

Once configured and enabled, Moses query results will be shown in the Machine Translation pane of the main window alongside translations from any other MT providers you may use.

Happy translating!

About the author

Aaron Madlon-Kay is a software developer based in Yokohama, Japan. He serves as Integration Manager for OmegaT and contributes to other FOSS localization/translation projects such as Okapi.

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