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gen. 09 2017

Tradumàtica sponsors the development of an OmegaT feature

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For some years now, students of the Tradumàtica MA have been collaborating with the Public Knowledge Project in the localisation of software into Catalan and Spanish. PKP, as stated in, “is a multi-university initiative developing (free) open source software and conducting research to improve the quality and reach of scholarly publishing”. As a result, our students have their names published in PKP’s wiki as part of the translation teams ( of Open Journal Systems (OJS) and Open Conference Systems (OCS). The experience was published by the coordinators of the project as a chapter of the monograph Translation and Openness, by Sandrini and García González (eds.): “Openness in Translators Training: a Case Study“.

For the localisation of these products, students used Translation Editing and Management Systems (TEMS), among which, OmegaT. OmegaT is free software, which matched perfectly with the aims of the PKP project ―committed to free software itself―, and that is why we never paid for it. At the end of the project, therefore, we deemed it appropriate to contact OmegaT’s developers and ask them to contribute to the project by sponsoring the development of a new feature.

OmegaT 4.1, which will be released in the following days, includes a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the ExternalFinder plugin, which was already available for OmegaT users. With this feature, users can perform web searches to external engines simply by highlighting text or by pressing a short-cut key.

We had the pleasure of testing the pre-release version of OmegaT 4.1, which now includes a Preferences option under the menu Options:


Under this new menu, users will find the option External Search, which includes options that they need to set up with their preferred engines, such as dictionaries, corpora, encyclopaedias, etc.


In order for OmegaT to open, for instance, a Wikipedia article from the translation panel, we just need to check the structure of a Wikipedia page (let’s say, for cat, and replace the title of the article with the tag {target} ({target}), as shown in the following screenshot.


Several engines can be grouped under a single item, so that all results are opened in new tabs of the preferred browser with a single action, and short-cuts can be assigned.

Once the external search engines have been set up, users can perform searches by highlighting terms in the translation panel and either right-clicking them or pressing the assigned short-cut keys.


This will open the user’s preferred browser with the highlighted terms in the external engines (in our example, Wikipedia).

To sum up, this feature should speed up searches in the translation process. For Tradumàtica, it has been a pleasure to participate in the development of OmegaT, and we hope that OmegaT users will find this feature useful.

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