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IT safety tips and recommendations for working remotely

Given the recent situation where most UAB members are telecommuting, here are some security tips and recommendations:

  • Do not trust emails that alert you to special situations and ask for some information. Phishing campaigns have risen around COVID-19
  • Never provide your passwords, especially if they are asked by phone or email
  • Do not allow browsers to store your passwords
  • Use only licensed software. Do not use modified programs to avoid licensing, often include malicious code
  • Connect only to networks that are under your control. Avoid connecting to public networks.
  • Be careful if you visit untrusted web pages
  • Do not install browser add-ons suggested by untrusted web pages
  • Keep your computer up to date with the latest updates

Always keep up-to-date your computer’s operating system installed on your devices, programs and add-ons, as the latest version will ensure optimum performance and security.:

  • Use antivirus software

When you download a new program or application it is advisable to scan them with your antivirus to make sure they are free of any viruses and are not malicious software. The UAB has an anti-virus service for the campus and for telecommuting a license for your home.

  • Try not to share your computer with other family members
  • Set up automatic screen lock
  • Avoid using USB devices for data transferAvoid storing data and files on your computer or USB stick, because of the danger of losing data if the device fails and due to difficulty accessing it from other devices. The recommendation is to save the files to OneDrive.
  • Remember the regulation on personal data protection for virtual classes