How to reactivate (with materials) in the course 20-21 a moodle course existing in the course 19-20

The reactivation with materials in a Moodle classroom from last year:

    • Includes the same materials (resources).
    • Includes the same code/s and the same Sigma group/s (new students enrolled in).¬†
    • Includes only the teacher making the request.
  • Does not include the rest of the teachers, either editors or non editors.
  • Does not include activities or other elements containing personal data.¬†

  • Log in in Campus Virtual (
  • In the block DIRECT ACCESS, click on Moodle classroom management.
  • Moodle Classroom Management

  • In Global actions, click on Create new classroom.

  • In section Option 1. Reactivate a previous course subject (19-20), you will find a list of all the active subjects you had. Click on the corresponding Activate with materials.


  • In the next form please read carefully the text shown at the bottom. You can modify the Name of the classroom (if you wish). It is mandatory you choose a Category (knowledge area) for your subject. Finally, click on Submit.

Activación de aulas moodle


Once the process ended, in order to make your new classroom look like the original one, you might adjust the classroom format by setting the same options. For instance, the classroom format (topics format, weekly format…) should be the same as well as the number of items (weeks/topics) to show. These options are accessible from the “Edit course settings” menu in the new classroom.