How to modify the display options of the classrooms on the Campus board

The Campus allows you different options for viewing the classrooms. To modify these options it is necessary to access Preferences .

Button to manage the preferences


What can I do?

View only the classrooms where I am a teacher or student

If you have classrooms in which you are registered as a teacher and classrooms where you participate as a student, you can view all the classrooms in the list or only those in which you are a teacher or student. You just have to mark Teacher and/or Student depending on the classrooms you want to show.

Filter by role


View the classrooms in full or simplified format

You may be interested in seeing more or less information about the classrooms displayed on the board.

  • Check Simplified to show only the title of the classrooms,

button to show the simplified list


  • or Full to also show if there is information about upcoming events in the classroom, if there is new or updated material or recent announcements and news. NOTE: this is the default display on the Campus.

Complete view


Complete view


Move classrooms to the bottom of the page (or up)

If you have classrooms that you no longer access, or access little, you have the option of moving them to the bottom of the board, to the Other classrooms section – they will be displayed in simplified format by default.

To move them,

  • click the Enable button.

Button to enable moving the classrooms

  • Select the classroom you want to move and click the Move to the bottom¬†button.

Button to move down a classroom

If you want it to be displayed at the top again, you can move it back to the top of the board by clicking the Move to the top button.

Button to move the classroom to the top