How to activate a new Sigma or TCS (Tertiary cycle) as a Moodle classroom

You can use this option if you are not yet in the Sigma or TCS (Tertiary education in the Graduate School o in the Doctoral School) list for your subject but:

  • you need to begin your teaching and
  • you know the Sigma/TCS code and group.

The classroom will be created with no materials in it. Later on you will be able to publish new materials in it and/or transfer materials to it from another classroom.

  • Log in Campus Virtual (
  • In the block DIRECT ACCESS¬†click on Moodle classroom management (20-21).
  • Image of the CV admin page (2020-21)


  • In the section Global actions click Create new classroom.

  • Please fill in the form in the section Option 3. Create new classroom manually using the right data and click¬†Submit. Please notice that the data introduced will not be verified.

Create a classroom manually


  • In the next page, please read carefully the text shown at the bottom of it. It is mandatory to select a Category (knowledge are) for your subject. Finally clic Submit.
    Create a classroom manually