How to activate a new Sigma or TCS (Tertiary cycle) as a Moodle classroom

You can use this option if you are not yet in the Sigma or TCS (Tertiary education in the Graduate School o in the Doctoral School) list for your subject but:

  • you need to begin your teaching and
  • you know the Sigma/TCS code and group.

The classroom will be created with no materials in it. Later on you will be able to publish new materials in it and/or transfer materials to it from another classroom.

  • Log in Campus Virtual (
  • In the block DIRECT ACCESS click on Moodle classroom management (20-21).
  • Image of the CV admin page (2020-21)


  • In the section Global actions click Create new classroom.

  • Please fill in the form in the section Option 3. Create new classroom manually using the right data and click Submit. Please notice that the data introduced will not be verified.

Create a classroom manually


  • In the next page, please read carefully the text shown at the bottom of it. It is mandatory to select a Category (knowledge are) for your subject. Finally clic Submit.
    Create a classroom manually