How to add or remove SIGMA/TCS teaching groups in a Moodle classroom

Access to the Virtual Campus Virtual, and then go to the DIRECT ACCESS block. Click on Moodle classroom management.

Moodle Classroom Management


All the activated moodle classrooms are displayed.

Moodle course creation


Click on Add / remove students of the classroom.


In order to add a group, click on the right side of Classroom groups menu (Add/Remove Sigma groups section) and select the group from the Available groups in SIGMA list.


The selected group will be displayed into a blue box. Click on Submit button.


In order to remove a group, click on the cross of the blue box and click on Submit button.


If the desired code subject and group doesn’t appear, you can add it manually.

Go to Add a group manually section and fill the fields. Then, click on Submit button.


NOTE: It’s very important to fill the fields with the correct code and the group, because the activation is automatic.