How to create a new moodle classroom that has no Sigma or TCS associated groups (no enrolled group)

This option allows you to create a moodle classroom without a real student enrollment group. Once the classroom has been created, you will be able to assign / remove students and assign / remove teachers.

The classroom will be created empty. You will then be able to publish new material and / or transfer content from another classroom.

  • Log in Campus Virtual (
  • In the block DIRECT ACCESS, click Moodle classroom management.
  • Moodle Classroom Management


  • In Global actions, click Create new classr0om.

Create new classroom

  • In the 4th section, Option 4. Create new classroom without a real SIGMA group related, click the Submit button.

New Moodle Classroom without sigma group


  • In the following form, read carefully the text shown in the gray box. Enter the Name of the classroom and you will be required to select the corresponding Category (area of ​​knowledge). To finish, click on the Submit button.

Required fields to create a new moodle classroom with no sigma group