How to automatically activate a new Sigma or TCS (Tertiary education) subject as a moodle classroom

This option is only available if you are already included as a teacher of your subject in Sigma or TCS databases (Tertiary education in the Graduate School or in the Doctoral School).

The classroom will be created with no contents. Later on you will be able to publish new materials in it and/or transfer materials to it from another classroom.

  • Log in Campus Virtual (
  • In the DIRECT ACCESS block click on Moodle classroom management.
  • Moodle Classroom Management


  • In the section Global actions, click on Create new classroom.

  • In the section Option 2. Create new classroom using the SIGMA/TCS information you will see the subjects in which you are listed as teacher this course. Select the subject/s you wish to include in your moodle classroom and click the button Activate.

If you wish to create each subject independently you will have to use this form as many times as subjects you have (or you wish to activate), by selecting only the subject you want to activate each time.

Activate Sigma or TCS classroom


  • In the next form please read carefully the text shown at the end of it. You can modify the Classroom name (if you wish). It is mandatory that you choose a Category (knowledge area) for your subject. Finally click on the button Submit.

Form to create a new classroom using Sigma information