Workshop. How do I assess other submissions?

Once the submission phase ends and the assessment phase begins the platform will assign you automatically some works to assess.

Once in the assessment phase you will be able to see which submissions have been assigned to you. Click on the section Assigned submissions to assess to see them.

Assigned assessments

  1. To evaluate one click on the Assess button.

Submissions to assess and evaluate

  1. Click on the uploaded file to see it.

How to see the peer assessment

  1. Assess the submission: for each evaluation criterion select the option you consider the most suitable.

View of the assessment criterions

  1. Once assessed click Save and show next to continue assessing the other submissions. Proceed in the same way, selecting, for each criterion, the most suitable option.

If you want to continue assessing later, click Save and close.

Buttons to save the assessments

  1. If you wish you can review and reassess the assignment while the assessment phase is open. To do it you just need to click on the Re-assess button next to an assigment.

Re-assess button

Your grades will be calculated automatically once the workshop reaches the¬†grading evaluation phase. At that time you will be able to see your submission and assessments, but you won’t be able to do any changes.