Bushwick is a neighbourhood suffering a huge gentrification processes. It has a dominant and longstanding low-income Hispanic community, which is being displaced by newcomers. As a result, the neighbourhood is divided in two social groups. In this context, under the conditions of economic crisis post-2008, we see various struggles for social innovation; efforts to stabilize employment for the low-income, action to stem the tide of housing displacement (aggravated by stagnant and falling incomes), and struggles to integrate the neighbourhood’s major constituencies – to keep the neighbourhood whole, as one Bushwick rather than two.

Bushwick has not proven easy to deal with gentrification effects. A former political machine – engaging the New York State Assemblyman for the area and a big traditional non-profit – has constrained any other social initiative. However, Bushwick is starting to evolve. It is precisely Bushwick’s community that, through building networks and experimenting with new ways of doing, is leading this emerging process of social change.

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