Professora visitant, Erasmus

Si tot va bé, del 6 al 10 de maig ens visitarà una professora d’anglès de l’Escola de llengües estrangeres de la İSTANBUL AREL ÜNİVERSİTESİ, dins el projecte Erasmus Mobility, la Sra Ayda Önder. Els objectius que ha indicat són:

• To attend several of our classes to get a grasp of the methodologies that our teachers apply in their courses;

• To hold several interviews with members of our teaching staff to know more about the didactic materials that are employed in their classes;

• To have interviews with different professionals in our Language Service to widen her knowledge about the functioning of the different Units in our University Language Centre;

• To increase opportunities for collaboration between her language department and our institution. 

Esperem que sigui una visita ben profitosa, tant per a ella com pel Servei!

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