Going mobile (workshop at the EIM)

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Last Friday I attended a workshop called “Going Mobile” at the EIM.  The speaker was Nicky Hockly, a teacher and teacher trainer based in Barcelona, with experience in the application of technology to language teaching. The workshop was very hands-on and we explored a variety of classroom activities using mobile devices. As it was a very small group, we all had the chance to participate actively, explain our views, share experiences, show worries and concerns and of course have questions and doubts clarified.

The workshop also had some theoretical background: she briefly presented the model called SAMR, which describes the path teachers often take as they develop their strategies in teaching with technology.

Most of the activities we tried belonged to the “enhancement” stage, where the only thing that changes is the medium in which the task happens. Nicky made it very clear that teachers should ask themselves what benefits mobile apps bring. The answer is easy: motivation and engagement on the part of the students, especially young adults. However, going mobile involves both technological and pedagogical challenges, such as connectivity problems or assessment implications, in addition to classroom management challenges, related to attention and distraction and appropriate use. The most interesting tool for me was QRCodes and I was amazed to see its potential when used in class.

In the second half of the workshop, we explored classroom activities in the “transformation” stage, where the nature of the tasks changes significantly.  Nicky showed us activities she is tried with students that involve the use of text messaging applications similar to watsapp but that are not linked to a telephone number such as “Group me”. She also made an introduction to the use of Augmented Reality in class. Unfortunately, we couldn’t go into much detail due to time restraints and because most of the participants were overwhelmed after having seen and tried so many different class activities and mobile apps!


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