What’s in this website?

This site provides an online bibliography and resources for British Romanticism (2017-18); it has three main sections: Poetry, Fiction and Critical Works. It also contains web resources, the style & citation guide and the course programme.

In Poetry and Fiction, you will find links to all the literary texts that we will be reading and studying in class (“primary bibliography”). Please note that it is your own responsibility to access this material and to bring it with you (in paper or electronic format) to the sessions in which it will be discussed. You are expected to read these texts before the corresponding lectures. These texts are available to you because they are all now in the public domain and are therefore not subject to copyright restrictions.

In Critical Works, you will find a bibliographical list of a number of academic studies on Romanticism and/or on the texts studied in this course (“secondary bibliography”). These works are intended to help you gain a fuller understanding of the significance of the works that we will be reading. The critical studies indicated in this section can be found in the UAB’s Humanities Library. These works are not made available to you here because they are copyright protected. You must therefore make your own arrangements to access a copy of the texts in question.

This site provides access a number of web resources pertaining to the literary and historical contexts relevant to our period of study.

Since this will be important for your course paper, the site also links to a downloadable version of the department’s style sheet, which is of obligatory use in writing all formal papers during your degree studies.

For all information on course content, evaluation and other academic considerations, please access the course guide (available in Catalan, English and Spanish).