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Intel·ligència col·lectiva al servei de la formació: [1] Bloc d'aplicacions per aprendre llengües

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maig 03 2009


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“A VoiceThread is an online media album that allows a group of people to make comments on images, videos, and documents, really simply. You can participate 5 different ways – using your voice (with a microphone or telephone), text, audio file, or video (with a webcam). It’s easy to control who can access and comment on a VoiceThread, which makes it a secure place to talk about almost anything: business and academic presentations, travelogues, family history, art critiques, language study, tutorials, book clubs and digital storytelling. A VoiceThread allows an entire group conversation to be collected from anywhere in the world and then shared in one simple place.” [Teresa Escardó]

Presentacions d’alumnes de T. Escardó: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.


abr. 22 2009

[63] WIKIS (UAB)

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“Wikis de la UAB és una plataforma informàtica d’ús acadèmic que proporciona un entorn virtual col·laboratiu per donar suport a diferents activitats de la comunitat universitària amb l’objectiu de difondre el coneixement treballant en xarxa.” Poden crear-ne totes les persones vinculades amb la UAB. [ES: UFA]

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abr. 20 2009


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Aplicació de conversa i exemple (elaborat per Ian James) perquè el professorat pugui veure com funciona, que trobeu aquí.

That’s right! Voxopop talkgroups let you discuss your interests and passions with people from all over the world, using your real voice. It’s a whole new way to talk online. Find talkgroups to join, or start your own and spread the word. Great for families & friends, interest groups, website owners, bloggers, podcasters and teachers. Start talking, it’s FREE! [Ian James]

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