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juny 26 2009


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Seesmic is an innovative new site that lets users communicate and connect online through video conversation, and has become known as the “Twitter of video” because of its micro-blogging appeal. Seesmic could be a great tool to host an online debate on something you’re discussing in class and share with your students the perspectives of other people from around the world. You can start a thread by posting a video about a specific topic and other users can respond, starting a whole video conversation about your topic. [Ian James]

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juny 12 2009


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“Twingr.com enables you to create your own micro-blogging or “Twitter” community with a shared URL. Like Twitter, you can send out 140-character messages, follow what other people in your Twingr group are saying, and send direct messages to them. While it’s true that Twitter will probably end up incorporating a “groups” function, until then Twingr might be the solution if you are looking for a closed micro-blogging network which doesn’t have the “noisy” distractions of unknown and/or unwanted followers. If I am given a couse this July, I’m planning to experiment with Twingr (see 50 Ways to Use Twitter in the College Classroom). If you are interested in your students joining the same community, just let me know.” [Ian James]

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