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set. 21 2009


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Librarything.com is a website that allows users to create their own page, on which, among other things, they can record, rate and review books they have read. It could be used to support extensive reading projects in class either by getting each student to create their own page or by making a class page on which students can update whenever they finish reading a book.
It is easy to set up and navigate and largely intuitive. I’m going to be thinking of ways I can use it this year.

I’ve set up a page for me as an experiment. Take a look using: helenbarcelona@gmail.com. password : midsummer

[H. McNally]

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abr. 29 2009


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Aplicació per compartir informació sobre lectures fetes. [Helen McNally]. Doneu un cop d’ull a l’espai creat amb aquesta eina (helen.mcnally@uab.es / level5books)

“Check out this page we are making with my level 5 groups. The idea is sharing information about the books they have read with other level 5 students. You just search for the book and get an image of the cover. They then post their opinions on the book(not the summary!). It’s really easy to set up. We have made it a private page as we don’t want the opinions of the rest of the world, just Level 5 students so they have more of a measure if the level is suitable. [HM]

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abr. 06 2009


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Text to Audio: iSpeech can convert your favorite Websites, RSS, Blogs and Documents (Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF, Text, etc.) to speech with any PC or Mobile Device. Download your favorite blogs and news feeds as mp3 or podcast your favorite websites into your iPod.

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abr. 06 2009


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Free Online Text To Mp3 Converter. VozMe is a simple online application which converts a block of typed text into an accompanying sound file (MP3). You can also add the vozMe plug-in to your website or blog and allow your visitors to easily hear your posts.