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juny 15 2009


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En aquesta pàgina es pot tenir accés a un gran nombre de cançons en diversos idiomes (no en català) en versions força correctes. Una gran eina per posar els estudiants a cantar a la classe! Si es vol tenir accés a música nova, s’ha de pagar una subscripció. [Sílvia Solà]


maig 10 2009

[78] JANGO

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Servei per crear una ràdio pròpia a Internet.

“I’d like to add a link to the English department’s blog and to the general teacher blog. It’s a music station (channel) site where you can create your own stations (channels) by selecting the artists that you like listening to. I use it at home but I think it has great potential for the classroom and for students in their own homes. It has a ‘let me see the lyrics’ feature and a song history’ feature where you can listen to and read songs at the same time. It’s revolutionary for those of us who can’t afford to buy CDs, respect intellectual property rights or who find having to change the CD time after time a pain in the…

Maybe for the English department blog we can create stations (channels) that contain music with lyrics that are useful to the language that we are expecting students to produce at each level. Students could produce level-wide stations with back up in other tools (???). We could also use it as background sound during wrtitng activies, suggest students do in depth unsuperivsed tasks with lyrics and follow up with an in-class product (or not) and even help dull, end of class parties get off the ground.” [Judy Wickham]