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oct. 18 2010

[163] Eines de registre d’assistència i qualificacions

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Eines 2.0 per enregistrar online l’assistència i/o les qualificacions dels estudiants
[S. Solà]

Track attendance online from home or work or school. Easy to use interface to enter attendance data. Reports. Export data to Excel.

Engrade is a free set of web-based tools for educators allowing them to manage their classes online. Online gradebook, instant progress reports, online attendance book, online assignment calendar, class Wikis, secure online messaging, file uploads.

ThinkWave Educator
ThinkWave Educator is an easy-to-use, feature packed grade book. Flexible grading options. Extensive PDF reports. Student access.

GradeBookPortalFree Online GradeBook for teachers to easily customize.
Build customized weighted grading from anywhere at anytime 24/7. Grade anytime & anywhere with auto calculation term and final grades. Instant Progress Reports are intuitive. Track attendance. Class Calendar keeps students and teachers current on upcoming exams, meetings, events. Attach assignments, post homework and attach documents. Build user logic to send email and text messages based on grades and attendance parameters. Communicate with all of your students and build custom contact lists.

SchoolCircuitTeachers enjoy the benefits of a free online gradebook, accurate attendance keeping, easy to manage student rosters, class calendars and a lesson plan organizer.

Basic web-based gradebook for teachers.

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