[Until January 31, 2021]

The thematic dossier “PSYCHOLOGY, RACISM AND ANTI-RACISM” aims to gather contributions from Psychology that reflect on the different dynamics which occur around racism and anti-racist struggles, practices and policies. Articles which bring innovative theoretical and methodological approaches on the topic that address epistemological, theoretical, methodological debates on racism and anti-racism, as well as their subjective, social, cultural and political consequences, will be privileged.

Themes and approaches which may be presented:

  • Intersectional perspectives that articulate race with other categories such as gender, class, ethnicity, sexuality, generation, territory, religion, nationality;
  • Migration, refuge, black diaspora and xenophobia;
  • Coloniality and decoloniality;
  • Genocide, racism and youth;
  • Structural racism;
  • Whiteness and whitening;
  • Relationship between racism, health and mental health;
  • Social movements and anti-racist struggles;
  • Affirmative policies and anti-racism;
  • Research methodologies and psychological practices to combat racism;
  • Analysis of the contributions of black and indigenous intellectuals and researchers to psychology.

Invited editors:
Claudia Mayorga – Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais – Brasil
Ricardo Dias de Castro – Centro Universitário Estácio – Brasil
Tayane Lino – Centro Universitário UNA – Brasil

Sending through the journal page:
Articles must follow the AUTHOR GUIDELINES that can be found here:
All papers that do not follow the journal’s guidelines will be rejected.

Reception of articles until 31 January 2021
Process of evaluation until 30 April 2021
Publication in the second half of 2021

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