Kabajungu Sharleen


When I was younger, life was always considered
blissful, vibrant and filled with careless pleasure
Childhood is where we played all kinds of games
from morning till sunset without a care
Mum always complained about the little dirty feet
at the end of the day, but embraced them,
with love and care.

I recall a common game we played on weekends
commonly known as “embaga”,
which is translated to wedding in English.
We would dress up in pretty dresses with
the neighbour’s children and react a wedding
we had a flower girl, pageboy, a bride and a groom.

I recall too that during Christmas period
Mum bought me and my sibling’s cute outfits
to wear to church on Christmas for the service.
This was a big and extremely exciting issue.
We were always eager to go to church
and show off newest shoes on our feet.
Oh childhood memories….
Is there anything more beautiful than this?