Phiona Kagoya


At 3pm when all house work was done and there was nothing else to do besides showering and supper, all the children ranging from ages of 1 to 15 years gathered in our compound to play.

I was the smartest girl that day thus becoming the bride and the smartest boy became the bride groom while the rest joined the team of the bride maids, priest, choir and the audience of course.

All the duties or tasks were allocated by the eldest child in the group. Oh la la!! When time to go to church I sat on the banana fiber, which was our vehicle and so did the rest in convey with some others working as drivers by pulling the other side of the fiber. The ride could go on well and while at church vows could be made and songs were sung of course by miming what happens to the adults wedding parts in the area.

The noise and excitement made by the children attracted all others including the adults and the audience could become bigger than what we expected. Back at the reception food like rice, matooke +and/or sweet potatoes was cooked in small metallic tins of coffee and balanced by fruits like paw paws, mangoes, jackfruits and yes it was very exciting. Dancing was part of the entertainment with drumming of jerry cans as instruments.   It was all exciting but time limited us, for we had to go back to our homes as it was getting dark.