Nkinzi Suzan



Chirp! Chirp! Chirp!

Sounds of the bird

The sweet morning songs

Rays of light rest upon my face

I stretch

Yet another day


Grandma calls Sweet P

The kitchen a-waits

I frown

Longingly I stare out the window

Admiring the green valley

I know it’s time

I fall back on my pillow


Peep through the door

Dear girl the world isn’t waiting

Out I go, smoke coming from the kitchen

Grandma points to the round mounded rock

I sit, to grind the nuts

Longingly staring at the green valley


Your place is in the kitchen my Sweet P,

No petty face trails down the valley

Grandma’s sharp voice cuts through my thoughts

Evening dawns and I knew I am set

Boots in my feet

Coat over my shoulder

Armed with my little stick

Matched out the door behind Dad


Sweet P! Sweet P!

Remember our little conversation

Grandma calls out

I soldier on right behind Dad

Determined to go herding just like little John.