Phiona Kagoya


Edith was born in a very poor family and background with other eight siblings a total of ten in a one roomed house. One meal which is not even enough per day but happy with the people around her I mean the large family. Nothing on her on but only big dreams of going to the city with big houses and of course making a lot of money ‘ oh God that is my dream ‘ she always used to say and all her siblings were male and her mother was the only female mate in the house.

I want to be alone ‘she said “that’s not a reasonable statement for a girl like you to say that. You should live with her parents then when she gets married she lives with the husband and children her mother explained. With the determination and courage she moved to the city and searched for the job, working as a maid would mean not holding a lot of money in her hands and no liberty to socialize as she had been doing with her family she thought.

“You can be a pump girl” she said to herself there are hardly any pump girls on the petrol stations can’t you become one. Interviews were made and guess what she passed through at petrol city, here she stands smartly in her black skirt and white shirt with all big sums of money and all cars of cars come to be filled with petrol.

No need to look for customers they come on their own and pay her for the work done. Time passed and the argue to visit her mother had out grown .In the village her sibling all excited and happy to see her have all lot of questions to ask her .Where do you live ,work who do you stay with?

“Wow I live on my own, work at petrol city and court large sums of money at my work place ‘she answered them back. “Oh I want to be like you not dad who is not holding a lot of money” her youngest brother said with admiration.

“It’s not what you are whether young or old, boy or girl it’s about how you live it, you can do anything in this world its only by God’s grace that can do something about it.” Edith replied.