Gloria Adeti



After the death of our parents, all believed we had no future but to get married and start new lives as house wives.

They planned and got excited at the idea of inheriting everything my hardworking parents had saved up and left behind.

My sister begged to differ, she stood her ground throughout the grieving period, never shedding one tear, putting up a strong face and staying on top of all arrangements.

I wondered why she never cried, almost believing she didn’t care that much which was strange given that she was with them until they took their last breaths.

One step ahead of everything she always was, through the funeral arrangements to the legal proceedings, she wouldn’t let any of the uncles, aunties and elders deter her vision.

She stood ahead of the pack until she secured all that we deserved and fulfilled my mother’s dream

…we all got a decent education.

Dedicated to my lovely sister Harriet Nabwire