Nkinzi Suzan


Nassolo the name I was given by my father “a princess in Buganda Kingdom”. A name from the royal family in Buganda, the name I loved even though I did not know it’s meaning.

However, when I was of school going age I hated my name as my fellow students referred to me as ‘Essolo’ an animal. To silence them I embraced it and called myself ‘the lioness’. In 1993 when Kingdoms were restored all girls from the royal lineage with the names Kagera and Nassolo had to change them as they were only given to the ‘Kabaka’ – King’s first daughter thus a search for names started. My Sister chose my new name Nkinzi

A dilemma to know what my new name means, a question to my father; My father….it’s just a name, My mother why are you interested in finding out the meaning as long as you have an identity. My Sister ‘Kidney’ locally translated as ‘Kizzi’ I choose that because of its beautiful pronunciation, a powerful organ that supports the entire body.