Nalubaale stands serene presiding over earth and sky; its tremulous water whispers names that only reach attentive ears. On a map, Nalubaale is the heart of Africa, pumping life to a continent whose earthy beauty has often been misunderstood. Its other name, Victoria, one of the many relics of Empire that refuses to abdicate, grants it a halo of diabolic mystery. Imperial explorations notwithstanding, we believe the depths of Nalubaale remain unexplored, its sediments still waiting to be unfolded, its mystery longing to surface as inveterate love and unremitting peace.

Nalubaale is the energy that propels and shapes our writing project. We conceive writing as Nalubaale, as a space consolidated by the fluidity of water, where lives defy drowning and sail, sometimes painfully but always resilient, through the turmoil of human experience. Nalubaale is the lives of those African women whose voices claim understanding, whose presence in the world has too often been obliterated, whose only weapon is words and an endless capacity to love.