Teaching and supervision

Subjects 2020-2021

Gramàtica Descriptiva Anglesa 130410 – Semester A

The Acquisition of English 100199 – Semester A

English Syntax 100223 – Semester B


TFG Supervision 

Informal Writing on Twitter: Morphological, Syntactic and Lexical Change in the
Language of Twitter, 2019

A Contrast between Formal and Informal English: An Overview, 2019

Comparing the Morphological Developmental Sequence in L1 and L2 Acquisition, 2018

L3 Models for the Initial Stages of Morphosyntactic Acquistion, 2018

When Do I say ‘que’? The Understudied Case of the Acquisition of Spanish ‘que’ by Native English Speakers , 2017

On the Acquisition of that-omission by Polish Learners of English, 2017

The Acquisition of English Wh-questions by Chinese Learners, 2016

L1 Spanish Transfer in the Acquisition of the Phenomenon of that-deletion in English, 2014

Transfer in the Acquisition of ECM Clauses by Catalan Learners of English, 2013


TFM Supervision  

A Comparative Study on the Acquisition of Relative Clauses in Darija and English, 2020

(co-supervised with Anna Gavarró)

The Acquisition of Morphological, Syntactic and Semantic Properties of the English Present Tense by Spanish/Catalan Learners of English: A Bottleneck Hypothesis Approach, 2020

Transfer from L1 Chinese to L2 English: on the Case of that-omission, 2018

The Acquisition of Relative Pronouns by L1 Russian L2 English Learners and the Human Feature, 2016

A Syntactic Account of the Acquisition of Embedded Questions by L2 Learners of English, 2015

                                                                                                   (co-supervised with Ángel Gallego)

The Acquisition of the Restriction Adverb-Verb-Object in L2 English by French Speakers, 2014

The Acquistion of SVO Structures in Spanish, Catalan and English, 2014

The Acquistion of Subjects in Child English, 2004

The Syntax of Restrictive Relative Clauses in Child English and Catalan: A Minimalist Account, 2003
Verbal Inflectional Morphology in Broca’s Aphasia, 2003
                                 (co-supervised with Anna Gavarró)