Nursing on the Move, an Erasmus+ Programme

From early 2015 to the end of 2017, the Language Advisory & Translation Unit at the Servei de Llengües participated in an international Erasmus+ project titled Nursing on the Move.

The project, with eight European members and led by the University of Antwerp (Belgium), aimed to produce online teaching and learning material in a variety of languages for nursing professionals in situations of professional mobility, whether in temporary training or in permanent relocation. Most specifically, the material supports users’ far greater awareness and competence in the area of cultural communication, an ambit of critical importance in nursing contexts, and one that has often been approached in a superficial or generally unsatisfactory manner in traditional training courses for nursing professionals.

The Language Advisory & Translation Unit, represented in this project by David Owen, was responsible for creating the Spanish material and for piloting this with a group of UAB student nurses during their Erasmus exchanges throughout Europe. Additionally, the Unit was project coordinator for statistical analysis (with the cooperation of Rebeca García Rueda from the Language Service’s Assessment & Certification Unit). On the basis of this statistical analysis and of piloting feedback received from all members, the Unit then produced the final Quality Assessment Report (presented to a Health Communication conference hosted by the project in Vienna in June 2017). This formed a central part of the Project Report that received a highly positive final assessment from the Erasmus+ evaluation committee.

The outcome of the project is a fully functioning online training course available for language and communication specialists in Nursing education ( Further collaboration amongst the project members is currently under discussion.

The Servei de Llengües is very satisfied with this experience and with having made a solid contribution to such a vital and dynamic area of practical language development and professional training.

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