Young and Social Investment. The paradox of Italy

One of the principle of Social Investment lies in the promotion of the educational level of the young, in the assumption that having more education will help in access more good jobs. But what happen when the good jobs are scarcely available for the deficiencies of the labour demand? This is the question behind the chapter “The Social Investment challenge and young Italians”, published in the book Italian Youth in International Context. Belonging, Constraints and Opportunities, Routledge 2019.

In the chapter I carefully examine the situation of young workers in Italy, showing the incapacity of labour market to integrate them for the shortage of good jobs available in the Italian labour market. I then take in account two policies inspired by the principle of Social Investment: Youth Guarantee and Apprenticeship in Higher Education. By looking at the performance of the outcome, I can highlight how the failure of the measure is due more for a limited interest of the employers then for a lack of activation of policy target.

The pre-print version of the article is available on UAB DDD, from October 2022.