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Mastering Youth Transitions in Italy

It is with great honour that I announce the publication of the special issue 13/2 on the Italian Journal of Sociology of Education dedicated to the analysis of the condition of youth in Italy. The special issue is entitled Mastering youth transitions: Italy as a case for the contemporary complexities and is co-edited by myself together with M. Visentin, O. Giancola and A. France.

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On Women and Childcare in Barcelona

Please #savethedate! Next April 27th I will be participating in the closing event of the RecerCaixa project entitled “Models d鈥檈ducaci贸 i cura de 0 a 3 anys i participaci贸 en el mercat laboral: Estudi de la innovaci贸 social a la ciutat de Barcelona“. This dissemination event (held in Catalan and Spanish) will offer an overview of the results of the empirical investigation of women’s labour market participation and the use of childcare services (0-3) in the city of Barcelona. Please access the program here:聽Invitacio IGOP-UAB Jornada EDU 0-3 27-04-2021. Continua llegint

Intersectionality is the key for understanding pandemics

When the pandemics started, my first though was: who will be on the losing side when this is over? Unfortunately the answer to this question is very simple: women, youth and ethnic minorities are those who are suffering the worst consequences, in terms of social and economic consequences. But what about their intersections?

My recent article on Frontiers in Sociology reviews the preliminary results from live survey and first investigation, confirming that intersectionality is an effective analytical framework to understand the current situation. Using a fractal metaphor, the articles shows how social and economic consequences of pandemics are worst, when multiple disadvantaged positions collide for the same individual. Continua llegint

New publication of Women’s work in Italy

In occasion of the cycle of events on Work organized by the Foundation Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, you can access for free and for a limited period the ebook I wrote with my colleague and friend Valeria Insaurato. The ebook is entitled “Pi霉 uguali ma non troppo. I problemi irrisolti del lavoro femminile tra fragilit脿 territoriali e squilibri di genere“. Continua llegint

Special Issue on Youth and Transitions

It is with great pleasure that I announce a Special Issue on the Italian Journal of Sociology of Education, of which I am guest editor with Martina Visentin, Orazio Giancola, and Alan France. The call is entitled “Mastering youth transitions: Italy as a case for the contemporary complexities” and it aims at focusing on Italy as an emblematic case for analyzing the transitions towards adulthood.

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Online seminar on Youth in Italy

Next Monday, June 8th I am going to participate in the online seminar organized by AIS (Italian Association of Sociology) coordinated by Martina Visentin. In this seminar, I am presenting the results of the study I conducted on the impact of Social Investment policies on Italian youth, published in the volume from Routledge “Italian Youth in International Context: Belonging, Constraints and Opportunities”.

The seminar is in Italian and will take place on zoom.

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My interview on bogus self-employment

The Sole24ore, which is the most important economic journal in Italy, asked me for a comment on the widespread phenomenon of the bogus self-employment among young professionals. This is quite a long-term problem suffered by Italian labour markets and which I have already discussed in my researches about knowledge work in Italy.

If you want to read the article by Alberto Magnani (in Italian) you can access it here. Enjoy!