Women and Economic Insecurity

You can now read “A Job of One’s Own. Does Women’s Labor Market Participation Influence the Economic Insecurity of Households?”. The first paper from my MSCA project VINE has been published by Societies, an open access journal in the special issue “Towards a Sustainable Community, Work and Family Interface” guest edited by Egidio Riva and Rosangela Lodigiani (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore). This special issue collects paper presented at 7^ Community Work and Family Conference “A Time for Renewal: Developing a sustainable community, work and family interface” held at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milano, May 25-27th 2017.

The paper reprises the theory of Trifiletti (1999) to show how determinants of economic insecurity among women are influenced by their labour market integration. However, this influence change across different countries in Europe, putting in question the traditional configuration of welfare regimes. Italy and Spain show more difference than similarity. The results for Italy and the United Kingdom confirm those of previous investigations that indicate their similarity, while France and Spain are closer to the Mediterranean archetype. The results for the Czech Republic confirm its proximity to the breadwinner model, as Denmark epitomises the heuristic capacity of the Universalist model in Northern European countries.

A preliminary version of this article was developed during my visiting as Ingrid Fellow in LISER, October 2016. The article is also available for free download at the UAB Digital Document Deposit.

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