What lies behind Solidarity? A critical examination of social innovation

In the newly published book of Nicholls and Ziegler “Creating Space for Social Innovation” (Oxford University Press) you can find a chapter on my research on Solidarity Purchasing Groups. The chapter is entitled “Creating alternative economic spaces. The socially innovative practices of solidarity purchasing groups” and it includes an examination of the concept of solidarity and how it is put in practice by the activities of the Solidarity Purchasing Groups.

I start from the theory of Tuomela and I use his classification of the various form of solidarity (I-perspective, I/We perspective, We perspective) to understand the practice of the groups. The chapter shows how social innovations as Solidarity Purchasing Groups only rarely involve in activities acknowledgeable fully as a We perspective solidarity. Their activities are, in fact, mostly favorable to their members or their primary networks.

The article is accessible in DDD UAB, starting from December 2021.