Our special issue on #prosumption is online

It is with great honour and satisfaction that I announce the special issue that I co-edited with A. Loconto, A. Podda and D. Arcidiacono on the Journal of Rural Studies. This issue aims at exploring the heuristic capacity of the concept of prosumption in the studying the alternative food networks.

In the editorial, we explore the concept by reconstructing its use in sociology and its potential capacity in the analysis of the most recent cases in alternative food network. Three analytical dimensions emerge from applying the concept of prosumption to the domain of agri-food social innovations: i. the active role of consumer re-organises and re-scales the production of food and distribution of basic goods; ii. prosumption favours the emergence of specific organisational forms in which consumers and producers can fruitfully collaborate in an equal relationship; iii. prosumption bears the risk of extracting value from consumers’ volunteer labour, with the potential of creating new drivers of exploitation that affects consumers and producers as well.

On the journal website, you can access the preprint version of our editorial.