Mastering Youth Transitions in Italy

It is with great honour that I announce the publication of the special issue 13/2 on the Italian Journal of Sociology of Education dedicated to the analysis of the condition of youth in Italy. The special issue is entitled Mastering youth transitions: Italy as a case for the contemporary complexities and is co-edited by myself together with M. Visentin, O. Giancola and A. France.

In this special issue, we collect numerous contributions that aims at reflecting what is the nature of the transition to adulthood in Italy. Here is the table of content:

Maria Grazia Gambardella, Arianna Mainardi, Stefania Voli
Young People between Uncertainty and Agency. An Analysis of the Strategies of Transition to Adulthood in Italy
pages: 15-38

Mauro Giardiello, Rosa Capobianco
Bourdieu鈥檚 Theory and Intersectionality: a New Conceptual Framework to Interpret Transition as Social Change of Youth Mobility. The Case of Young Italians
pages: 39-64

Irene Masoni, Matteo Villa
Hard Pathways Towards Autonomy and Adulthood. Understanding Youth Transition Patterns in an Italian Fragile Area
pages: 65-98

Diego Mesa
The Impact of the Coronavirus on the Life Trajectories of Young People and the Emotional Consequences. A Comparative Analysis in Five European Countries
pages: 99-120

Ilaria Pitti
Dealing with the Standard Model of (Male) Adulthood: an Ethnography of Marginalised Young Masculinities and Transitions to Adulthood
pages: 121-144

Concetta Russo, Alessandra Minello
Labouring Academia: Higher Education Never-Ending Youth and Geriatric Pregnancy Issues
pages: 145-170

Antonella Span貌, Markieta Domecka
Living Intersectionality and Doing Intersectionality: The Stories of Transition and Struggle of Young Neapolitans
pages: 171-194

I should also mention that the picture that opens the issue is mine, taken during summer 2020 in Poblenou, Barcelona (Spain).