Intersectionality is the key for understanding pandemics

When the pandemics started, my first though was: who will be on the losing side when this is over? Unfortunately the answer to this question is very simple: women, youth and ethnic minorities are those who are suffering the worst consequences, in terms of social and economic consequences. But what about their intersections?

My recent article on Frontiers in Sociology reviews the preliminary results from live survey and first investigation, confirming that intersectionality is an effective analytical framework to understand the current situation. Using a fractal metaphor, the articles shows how social and economic consequences of pandemics are worst, when multiple disadvantaged positions collide for the same individual.

This article represents only one first step in a line of investigation that I would like to develop more in the next years. Contact me if you have good ideas on this, we shall collaborate! The article (in English) is available in #openaccess on Frontiers and it is part of the research topic “The Intersections of Economic Insecurity, Non-Standard Employment and Gender in Southern Europe” that I am editing with Christiana Ierodiakonou┬á(University of Cyprus).