Review “Au cœr des cabinets d’audit et de conseil”

In the new issue of CAMBIO. Rivista sulle trasformazioni sociali, an open access Italian journal published by University of Florence, I review a wonderful book from Sebastien StengerAu cœr des cabinets d’audit et de conseil. De la distinction à la soumision“, published for PUF in 2017.

The book describes and analyses in details the functioning of an audit company in France, one among the famous Big Four corporations that control the global market of auditing. Using an analytical frame derived from the Court Society of Elias, the book from Stenger demonstrate how the traditional tools of professionalism, as expertise and peer control, have been progressively transformed into a constant competition for reputation and conformism to the corporation’s culture. A very interesting reading indeed!

Enjoy the review here in open access. Also available on UAB DDD.