A special issue on #professionalism and #professions

We are so happy to announce that our special issue entitled “Heterogeneity Among Professions and Professionals” has been published by the journal Professions and Professionalism. This is a very important journal in the debate about Sociology of Professional Groups and it is entirely available in open access through their website. The special issue is guest edited by Karolina Parding, Andrea Bellini and me.

In the editorial of the special issue, we propose the concept of heterogeneity as a heuristic tool to analyse the social change occurred in the last decades among professions. We focus, in particular, on the processes of differentiation that have been affecting the domain of professions since the post-industrial transformation, such as globalisation, feminisation and precarisation.

Here is the table of content of our issue:

Shared Spaces or Shelters for Precarious Workers? Coworking Spaces in Italy
Carolina Pacchi, Ilaria Mariotti

The Academic Profession in Neoliberal Times: A Gendered View
Camilla Gaiaschi

Local Broadcast Journalists and the Trap of Professional Heterogeneity
Clementina Casula

Client Professionalization, a Resource for Heterogeneous Professionals: For a Pluralistic Account of Corporate Professions
Scarlett Salman

Labor Insertion of Italian Professionals in Valencia: Between Emerging and Traditional Professions
Anna Giulia Ingellis, Fernando Osvaldo Esteban

The Challenging Integration Paths of Migrant Health Professionals: The Case of Filipino and Indian Nurses in the UK
Davide Calenda, Andrea Bellini