Past Projects


MSCA Funded project VINE (Social Vulnerability and Its Intersections): principal investigator at the IGOP (Institut de Govern i Politiques Publiques) of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. The scope of the project is to analyze how the institutional context as well as individual characteristics – like gender – affects the individual risk of living in vulnerable households, from a comparative and multidimensional perspective. Please access freely the VINE Policy Recommendations and the Educational Kits for Teachers and Students in the UAB DDD. Vine news available here


Eu Funded project CrESSI (Creating Economic Space for Social Innovation): postdoc research fellow at the Department of Social and Political Science of the University of Pavia. The scope of the project was analyzing how social innovation can favors the empowerment of marginalized citizens in Europe. In the Italian case, we focused on the economical underpinnings of solidarity purchasing groups, studying their effect on the economic marginalization of suppliers (small farmers, local artisans, and social cooperatives). For CrESSI, I authored working papers about methodology for analyzing social innovation and historical analysis of solidarity purchasing groups.

Spazio Lavoro

The “Spazio Lavoro” project financed by Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli: research fellow in the “La Babele dei Lavori” stream. The scope of the project was to analyze the labor market condition of youth, with a focus on over-education among young Italian workers. For FGGF, I authored an online supplementary report on young and work (in Italian).


Eu Funded project FLOWS (Impact of Local Welfare Systems on Female Labour Market Participation and Social Cohesion): postdoc research fellow at the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies of the Polytechnic of Milan. The scope of the project was analyzing how local productive systems structure gendered participation to the labour market in Bologna, with a particular focus on social cohesion and policies of care. For FLOWS, I authored several working papers about labor market integration of women in Bologna, comparative analysis of productive systems in 11 European cities, an in-depth report about Bologna‘s productive system and an investigation of the local welfare system in Bologna.


Eu Funded project WILCO (Welfare Innovations at the local level in favor of cohesion): research assistant at the Department of Architecture and Urban Studies of the Polytechnic of Milan. The scope of my collaboration was analyzing the vulnerability of precarious youth in 20 European cities and how social innovation can cope with their condition of vulnerability.

The project “The Political Economy of Self-Employed Medium Classes” funded by Consiglio Italiano per le Scienze Sociali. Scope of my collaboration was the analysis of professionalism of self-employed emerging and liberal professions (architects and management consultants).