The VINE Policy Recommendations are available!

The project VINE studies the relationship between gender and the economic insecurity of families, focusing in particular on the role of involuntary part-time work in Southern Europe. One of the scope of the project was the development of policy recommendations to fight this phenomenon in Europe.

The Policy recommendations – now available in Spanish on the UAB DDD – have been developed during the VINE lab, held in the Escola d’Estiu IGOP the past June. In the document, policy-makers and stakeholders can access the three main policy interventions that municipalities can promote to fight women’s segregation into involuntary part-time employment: communication against women’s segregation into certain sectors/occupations more exposed to this type of contract, more stringent requirements for public contracts and universal basic income combined with paid training.

The VINE policy recommendations especially draws the attention on the role of labour demand and the local productive systems in provoking women’s segregation into certain sectors. One of the main lines of intervention for local bodies favours the reconversion of the local productive system to advanced business services and technologically-advanced manufacturing, which offers better working conditions and more gender equality.