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Stream 26 – Espanet Phd Seminar “Social Investment and inequality: exploring redistributive dilemmas”

Next Friday, September 4th 12-14, Margarita Leon and I will chair the Espanet Ph.D. Seminar Stream 26 “Social Investment and inequality: exploring redistributive dilemmas”. The seminar is open to the public and we kindly invite you to participate via Teams following this link.

The program is the following:

  1. Jacob Didia Jensen, Dept. of Sociology and Social Work, Aalborg University – “Social policy and the common good – How the white middle class in Northern and Southern U.S. judge who is worthy of government support”
  2. Janna Goijaerts, Public Health and Primary Care, Leiden University Medical Centre, Institute of Public Administration, Leiden University – “Conceptualizing Health in the Social Investment Paradigm”
  3. Oda Nordheim, Dept. of Sociology and Political Science, NTNU Trondheim – “Social Protection and its Impact on Health: How types of social spending affect self-reported health in OECD-countries”

Online seminar on Youth in Italy

Next Monday, June 8th I am going to participate in the online seminar organized by AIS (Italian Association of Sociology) coordinated by Martina Visentin. In this seminar, I am presenting the results of the study I conducted on the impact of Social Investment policies on Italian youth, published in the volume from Routledge “Italian Youth in International Context: Belonging, Constraints and Opportunities”.

The seminar is in Italian and will take place on zoom.

“See” you there!

CfP on Professions and Organization, at the next ISA Forum 2020

I am so happy to announce that I will be coordinating a very interesting joint session at the next ISA Forum 2020, devoted to professions and organization. The session is entitled Professional Occupations and Organizations and it is a joint session of RC52 Sociology of Professional Groups and Rc17 Sociology of Organization. I have the honour to be supported by Mirko Noordegraaf and Daniel Muzio in this task.

The next ISA Forum will be held in Porto Alegre, July 14-18 2020. You have up to September 30th, 2019 to send your proposal to the session. Please access the submission system through the ISA Website.

CfP “Professions Within and Professions Between”

With my colleagues and friends Andrea Bellini and Karolina Parding, we have launched a call for papers for the next ISA Rc52 Interim Meeting, to be held in Florence July 4th-6th, 2019.

Session S1 is entitled “Varieties of Professionalism. Exploring heterogeneity within and between professions”. The session aims at gathering theoretical and empirical papers that explore heterogeneity, differentiation and change within and between professions, among traditional and emerging professions, in comparative studies, either between professions within the same national context or within the same professional group between countries.
We also warmly invite contributions that explore professionalism and its national/local/contextual peculiarities in Southern and Eastern Europe as well as in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Submit your abstract (250 words) to, indicating Session S1, the title of your paper, name and contact details. Deadline for submitting your proposal: March 31st, 2019.

Participating at the XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology

Great days in Toronto! From July, 15th to July 21st I have participated to the XIX World Congress of Sociology, together with 5.700 delegates coming from all over the world. During the week, I have contributed to the congress presenting my last researches on VINE, on marginal work and on social innovation in the alternative food networks. Without forgetting my active participation to the works of RC52 Sociology of Professional Groups, in which I am standing in the elections for the board in my second term. Continua llegint

At EGOS, speaking of managerial professions

At the 34th EGOS Colloquium in Tallin, I have been taken an active role as one of the stream conveyor in the Standing Work Group 08. Together with my colleagues Daniel Muzio  and Trish Reay, we call for papers on the topic “Management, Occupations and Professions in Social Context: The Emergence of New Professions and their Impact on the Established Field”, receiving more than 30 contributions from all over the world. Continua llegint

Presenting at FES, Federation Espanola de Sociologia

In June 21st and 22nd, I have participated to the IV Encuentro del Comité de Sociología del trabajo de la FES “Como estamos ‘saliendo’ de la crisis?”. The conference, which gathered economic sociologists all over Spain, has been organised at the Universidat Autònoma de Barcelona by QUIT, Centre d’Estudis Sociològics sobre la Vida Quotidiana i el Treball. It has been a wonderful occasion to present my recent works on dualization processes in Southern Europe, based on the MSCA funded project VINE. And also to show my Spanish skill, as it was my first presentations in Spanish! Continua llegint

News from SISEC

The second SISEC conference has been held in the Catholic University of Milano January 26th-28th and it has been remarkable for the great discussions and interest of the sessions I participated. As it is the most important appointment for economic sociologists in Italy, I had the occasion to present three papers that resume my actual areas of investigation: emerging professions, social innovation and marginal work. All my presentations are available in PDF previous request.

The first paper was presented in the session Le professioni tra ricerca di senso e rivoluzione digitale: Quanto incidono il genere e la generazione di appartenenza? and it is entitled “Small is beautiful? Emerging organizational strategies among Italian professionals”. This paper with R. Cucca compares new emergent organizational strategies between freelance architects and consultants in Italy. It shows how despite divergent public regulation, professionals are using in similar ways organizations as a protection against economic downturns and insecurity. In the same session, I had the interesting opportunity to discuss the paper “Don’t call Saul!” written by my colleague and friend Andrea Bellini, with a groundbreaking historical analysis of lawyers in the U.S. Food for thought!

Stemming from the empirical analysis I conducted under project CrESSI, I presented the paper “Solidarity Purchasing Groups in Italy: A critical assessment of the effects on the marginalisation of their suppliers” in the session Il ridisegno delle politiche per la competitività dei sistemi produttivi nei processi di cambiamento dell’azione imprenditoriale e dell’intervento pubblico. The paper is written with T. Giroletti and A. Podda and it uses the frame of social innovation to analyze alternative food networks in Italy. It analyses the capacity of Solidarity Purchasing Groups to tackle the economic marginalization of their suppliers, focusing both on the perspective of the consumers (social innovators) and of producers (beneficiaries of the social innovation).

Finally, in the session Work and Youth social inclusion/exclusion: What integration of the new forms of employment and ways of working is there?, I presented the paper “The Jobs (F)act: marginalisation processes and flexicurity in Italy” written with A. Firinu from the University of Cagliari. In this work, we are proposing an original approach to the debate insiders/outsiders in the labour market, by theorizing the new concept of marginal work. The analysis shows the heuristic capacity of this concept to study the condition of Italian Youth in the labour market, analyzing trends of the last 8 years. In the same session, I was also asked to discuss the paper written by Rosario Scandurra, Ruggero Cefalo, Yuri Kazepov and entitled “Assessing young adults living conditions in Europe. From theory to measurement”. Their work shows a comparison among different regions in Europe and their capacity to favor the labour market integration of young workers in the local productive systems. A great paper, indeed! And thanks to Ruggero Cefalo for his precious comments on our paper.

During the three days of SISEC, I was also coordinating a session with A. Ciarini from University La Sapienza and R. Lodigiani from Catholic University of Milan, a session which was devoted to collect innovative and original paper that discusses recent trends of welfare state analysis, focusing in particular on social investment and social innovation. We had three panels full of interesting contributions that you find in the SISEC website: Tra investimento e austerità: Il welfare a confronto con l’innovazione sociale/Between Investment and Austerity: welfare facing social innovation. Many thanks to our great contributors for the interesting discussions!

Despite all the hard job, the three days in Milano were simply great… Now longing for SISEC 2019 in Naples!