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Seminar on the new working spaces after pandemics

It is with great pleasure to announce that I will participate to the seminar “Nuovi luoghi del lavoro e dell’abitare nello scenario post-pandemico. Impatti su territori e società” organised by the Dastu, as one of the initiatives related to the Excellence Project Territorial Fragilities. The seminar will take place February 2nd, at 14.30 in Teams. Continua llegint

Debating on Qualitative Research and Covid-19: the RC52 Webinar Series

On December 17th, I have been invited to give a speech at the Workshop on “Qualitative Research under Covid-19”. The seminar is part of the RC52 Webinar Series that are organized by RC52 for keeping lively its community during these hard months of pandemics.

During the seminar, I presented a focus on how to build rapport in at-distance interviews and what are the challenges that you have to cope with when interviewing online. Slides available upon request!

New publication of Women’s work in Italy

In occasion of the cycle of events on Work organized by the Foundation Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, you can access for free and for a limited period the ebook I wrote with my colleague and friend Valeria Insaurato. The ebook is entitled “Più uguali ma non troppo. I problemi irrisolti del lavoro femminile tra fragilità territoriali e squilibri di genere“. Continua llegint

My PhD Thesis is on UAB Divulga!

UAB Divulga is the newsletter that disseminates among the general public the scientific knowledge produced by the researcher affiliated to the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. They invited me to present my latest article on the Journal of Professions & Organization “Fragmented fields: professionalisms and work settings in Italian management consultancy“. Continua llegint

Special Issue on Youth and Transitions

It is with great pleasure that I announce a Special Issue on the Italian Journal of Sociology of Education, of which I am guest editor with Martina Visentin, Orazio Giancola, and Alan France. The call is entitled “Mastering youth transitions: Italy as a case for the contemporary complexities” and it aims at focusing on Italy as an emblematic case for analyzing the transitions towards adulthood.

Continua llegint

Stream 26 – Espanet Phd Seminar “Social Investment and inequality: exploring redistributive dilemmas”

Next Friday, September 4th 12-14, Margarita Leon and I will chair the Espanet Ph.D. Seminar Stream 26 “Social Investment and inequality: exploring redistributive dilemmas”. The seminar is open to the public and we kindly invite you to participate via Teams following this link.

The program is the following:

  1. Jacob Didia Jensen, Dept. of Sociology and Social Work, Aalborg University – “Social policy and the common good – How the white middle class in Northern and Southern U.S. judge who is worthy of government support”
  2. Janna Goijaerts, Public Health and Primary Care, Leiden University Medical Centre, Institute of Public Administration, Leiden University – “Conceptualizing Health in the Social Investment Paradigm”
  3. Oda Nordheim, Dept. of Sociology and Political Science, NTNU Trondheim – “Social Protection and its Impact on Health: How types of social spending affect self-reported health in OECD-countries”

Online seminar on Youth in Italy

Next Monday, June 8th I am going to participate in the online seminar organized by AIS (Italian Association of Sociology) coordinated by Martina Visentin. In this seminar, I am presenting the results of the study I conducted on the impact of Social Investment policies on Italian youth, published in the volume from Routledge “Italian Youth in International Context: Belonging, Constraints and Opportunities”.

The seminar is in Italian and will take place on zoom.

“See” you there!