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What lies behind Solidarity? A critical examination of social innovation

In the newly published book of Nicholls and Ziegler “Creating Space for Social Innovation” (Oxford University Press) you can find a chapter on my research on Solidarity Purchasing Groups. The chapter is entitled “Creating alternative economic spaces. The socially innovative practices of solidarity purchasing groups” and it includes an examination of the concept of solidarity and how it is put in practice by the activities of the Solidarity Purchasing Groups. Continua llegint

About Welfare and Prosumerism

It is with great pleasure that I announce the publication of the special issue entitled “Pro-sumers on the move: overcoming the line between labour and consumption”, co-edited with my colleagues and friends Davide Arcidiacono, Allison Loconto and Antonello Podda. The issue has been published in Sociologia del Lavoro (4/2018), which is the main Italian journal that publish articles on sociology of work.

The front of our special issue.

The special issue offers a wide range of articles from Italian and International scholars that aims at investigating the heuristic capacity of the concept of prosumerism in the analysis of labour, consumption and social protection. In particular, in the introduction I discuss the term in the domain of welfare studies, linking it in particular with studies on social innovation.

The introduction entitled “Introducing the wave of the prosumers in the age of labour market shattering” is available on the Sociologia del Lavoro website.

AFNs and their impact on suppliers’ marginalization

I am delighted to announce my new article on social innovation in agricolture and food, written with Antonello Podda and Toa Giroletti entitled “Solidarity Purchasing Groups in Italy : a critical assessment of their effects on the marginalization of their suppliers“. The article has been published in the International Journal of Sociology of Agriculture and Food, in a special issue coordinated by Allison Loconto and Yuna Chiffoleau entitled “SOCIAL INNOVATION IN AGRICULTURE AND FOOD: OLD WINE IN NEW BOTTLES?“. Continua llegint

The territorial dimension of Social Innovation

In the Italian journal Meridiana, I published a new article taken from the EU Funded Project CRESSI entitled La dimensione territoriale dell’innovazione sociale. Il caso dei gruppi di acquisto solidale“. The article studies the impact of the geographical context on the activities of the Solidarity Purchasing Groups, which I already defined as one of the most interesting cases of social innovation in alternative food networks in Italy. Continua llegint

Are Solidarity Purchasing Groups a Social Innovation?

I’m very happy to announce that my article “Are Solidarity Purchasing Groups a Social Innovation? A study inspired by Social Forces” has been published by PACO, in the issue 3 of 2017. This study stems from the EU Funded Project CrESSI (2014-2018) and it aims at studying social innovations cases in their capacity to tackle economic marginalisation of beneficiaries. And the answer is yes, they are. Continua llegint

A seminar about Food Market and Social Innovation

January, 18th I have invited my colleague and friend Davide Arcidiacono (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore di Milano) for giving a seminar at the Iscola IGOP. The seminar was entitled: “Social Innovation in Agricolture and Food. The case of Italian Solidarity Purchasing Groups“. Our paper was discussed by Marc Pradel, from the department of sociology of University of Barcelona. Continua llegint