A special issue on #professionalism and #professions

We are so happy to announce that our special issue entitled “Heterogeneity Among Professions and Professionals” has been published by the journal Professions and Professionalism. This is a very important journal in the debate about Sociology of Professional Groups and it is entirely available in open access through their website. The special issue is guest edited by Karolina Parding, Andrea Bellini and me. Continua llegint

#Savethedate RC52 Webinar “Mujeres en las Profesiones”

I am very happy to announce the fourth webinar of the RC52 Webinar Series, which I have the honour to chair. The seminar is entitled “Mujeres en las Profesiones” and it will foresee the participation of prof. Sciammarella (Universidade Federal do Estado do Rio de Janeiro) and prof. Artazcoz (Universitat Pompeu Fabra y Directora de la Agència de Salut Pública de Barcelona).

The seminar will be held online April 29th (20.00 CET). Do not forget to register here! This seminar is part of the inclusion policy that RC52 has put in place in order to favour a global dialogue on Professional Groups. The seminar will be held in Spanish.

On Women and Childcare in Barcelona

Please #savethedate! Next April 27th I will be participating in the closing event of the RecerCaixa project entitled “Models d’educació i cura de 0 a 3 anys i participació en el mercat laboral: Estudi de la innovació social a la ciutat de Barcelona“. This dissemination event (held in Catalan and Spanish) will offer an overview of the results of the empirical investigation of women’s labour market participation and the use of childcare services (0-3) in the city of Barcelona. Please access the program here: Invitacio IGOP-UAB Jornada EDU 0-3 27-04-2021. Continua llegint

Intersectionality is the key for understanding pandemics

When the pandemics started, my first though was: who will be on the losing side when this is over? Unfortunately the answer to this question is very simple: women, youth and ethnic minorities are those who are suffering the worst consequences, in terms of social and economic consequences. But what about their intersections?

My recent article on Frontiers in Sociology reviews the preliminary results from live survey and first investigation, confirming that intersectionality is an effective analytical framework to understand the current situation. Using a fractal metaphor, the articles shows how social and economic consequences of pandemics are worst, when multiple disadvantaged positions collide for the same individual. Continua llegint

Seminar on the new working spaces after pandemics

It is with great pleasure to announce that I will participate to the seminar “Nuovi luoghi del lavoro e dell’abitare nello scenario post-pandemico. Impatti su territori e società” organised by the Dastu, as one of the initiatives related to the Excellence Project Territorial Fragilities. The seminar will take place February 2nd, at 14.30 in Teams. Continua llegint

Debating on Qualitative Research and Covid-19: the RC52 Webinar Series

On December 17th, I have been invited to give a speech at the Workshop on “Qualitative Research under Covid-19”. The seminar is part of the RC52 Webinar Series that are organized by RC52 for keeping lively its community during these hard months of pandemics.

During the seminar, I presented a focus on how to build rapport in at-distance interviews and what are the challenges that you have to cope with when interviewing online. Slides available upon request!

New publication of Women’s work in Italy

In occasion of the cycle of events on Work organized by the Foundation Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, you can access for free and for a limited period the ebook I wrote with my colleague and friend Valeria Insaurato. The ebook is entitled “Più uguali ma non troppo. I problemi irrisolti del lavoro femminile tra fragilità territoriali e squilibri di genere“. Continua llegint