Conferences and Events

Paper “policy change and partisan politics: understanding family policy differentiation in two similar countries” by Margarita León, Emmanuele Pavolini, Joan Miró and Antonino Sorrenti will be presented in Stream 10 ‘the politics of Social Investment in Europe and around the world” in the ESPANET 2019 conference 5-5 September, Stockholm.

Navarro, Lara and Sarasa Sebastià “El cuidado de la primera infància, desigualdades sociales y territoriales en la metròpoli de Barcelona”. Grupo de Trabajo 33: Política social y Trabajo social XIII Congreso Español Sociologia 3-6 Julio 2019.

  • Thematic Panel 11 in Transforming Care Conference (Copenaghen July 2019).

Convenors: Emmanuele Pavolini and Margarita León: “Care as labour market: Care occupations and professions between quality and contractual arrangements”

  • Thematic Panel 22 in Transforming Care Conference (Copenaghen July 2019).

Convenors: Margarita León and Stefania Sabatinelli.” What ECEC Services in the context of rising child poverty?”