Classroom exchange sessions

Are you looking for an activity to help you improve your speaking in Spanish? Would you like to practise with a native speaker or someone who speaks it really well?

Study Abroad and the UAB Language Service organise English/German-Spanish exchange sessions. If you’re part of the UAB Study Abroad programme and have come to Barcelona for a short period of time, this activity will help you get to know UAB students with whom you can both practise Spanish and carry out a cultural exchange.

You’ll be taking part in sessions that allow you to practise and, above all, to meet people who you can speak to and get to know better. The sessions take place in the bar at the Casa Convalescència, in Barcelona.

The activity is entirely free of charge but it does need you to enrol. This can be done through a link that will be sent to you via e-mail in which you’ll also be informed of the date and time of the session.

Participation is strictly on a first-come, first-serve basis.

You might also be interested in joining our Facebook group so that you can contact other people in the exchange sessions. That way, you can keep up with anything new that’s going on.