PhD Theses
2012. Eleonora Alexandra Vraciu. Tense-Aspect Morphology in the Advanced English L2 Variety: Exploring Semantic, Discourse and Cross-linguistic Factors.

2000. Ana Fernández Montraveta. The Analysis of Verbal Lexical Items and Translation Mismatches in English and Spanish. A Theoretical Framework.

In progress
Carme Sanahuges Escoda. The Verbal Expression of Empathy.

MA Theses

2020. Shinan Wang. Female Athletes in Media Portrayal: A Cross-Cultural Linguistic Study.

2018. Aleta Aidarova.  Language and Culture: The Concept of Human Character in English and Russian Linguistic Worldviews through the Prism of Phraseology (Cross-Linguistic Study of Phraseological Units with Somatic Nucleus).

2017. Alina Iakymchuk. Cross-Linguistic Study of Phraseological Units with Zooonymic Nucleus and the Methods of their Translation in English, Spanish and Russian.

2015. Inmaculada Pérez López. EFL Writing and Teachers’ and Students’ Perceptions towards Error Correction.

2015. Cristina Puigdelliura Montolio. Foreign Language Lateralisation in Catalan/Spanish Bilinguals.

2014. Małgorzata Kurek. Cross-linguistic Influence in the Acquisition of the Definite and Zero Articles by Speakers of Polish and Catalan.

2014. Vlada Pavlova. Word Associations of Elementary and Advanced Catalan Learners of English.

2013. Zara Aguilar Torra. English Apologies in the Autistic Mind: A Study of Apologies Produced by Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

2011. Deborah Johnson. Apology Production by Japanese Speakers with an Intermediate Level of English.

2010. Umberto Cannarsa. Conceptual Metaphors in Obama’s Speeches.

2010. Siren Figgemeier. The Use of the Progressive in the Expression of Simultaneity in Narratives by German Intermediate Learners of German and German Near-native Speakers of English.

2009. Carme Sanahuges Escoda. Vocabulary Learning Strategies of College-level Learners of English in Catalonia.

2009. Jessica Chao. Frogging in Mandarin: a Cross-linguistic Comparison of Motion Events in Mandarin, English and Catalan.

2009. Sílvia Garriga Galobardes. English Resultative Construction Interpretation by Catalan Learners of English as a Second Language.

2008. Sergio Corcoba. Development and Grammaticalisation of the Expression of Future Time in English and Spanish: A Study in Simple and Go to Futures.

2006. Maria Sabaté Dalmau. The Interlanguage of Complaints by Catalan Learners of English.

1999. Montserrat Pérez Parent. The Production of Requests by Catalan Learners of English.

1998. Clara Guasch Fortuny. The Expression of Future Time in English and in Catalan.

1997. Esther Pascual Olivé. WH-Questions in Wonderminds. A Mental Space Approach.

BA Theses

2021. Mireia Cots Garris. Future Time in British English and Peninsular Spanish.

2020. Mónica Malvárez Ocaña. Glossopoeia: A Contrastive Phonological Study of Sindarin and Klingon.

2020. Clàudia Berenguer Santamaria. Sociophonetic Variation as a Factor of Gender.

2019. David Coca Bueno. Video Game Translation: Swearing in American English and Peninsular Spanish.

2019. María Farré Forcén. A Study of Apologies in General American English and Peninsular Spanish.

2019. Mónica Cuevas Martínez. Bridging the Gap between Reading Academic Texts and Academic English. A case study: StratApp – The Art of Learning.

2019. Roser Roig Rodelas. Wow! You Look Beautiful: A Cross-cultural Study on Compliments.

2019. Susana Salvadores Santiago. Language Learning Strategies: Facilitating Vocabulary Learning through Strategy-Based Instruction.

2019. Valeriya Kashevarova. Contrastive Linguistics: Expression of Definiteness in English and Russian.

2018. Adrià Jiménez Tornero. Contrastive Pragmatics: Requests in British English and Peninsular Spanish.

2018. Ainhoa Nocete Romero. Relative Clauses in English and Catalan: A Contrastive Analysis.

2018. Ariadna Castells Calvo. Contrastive Study of Orientational Metaphors in English and Spanish: UP-DOWN Metaphors.

2017. Andrea Coca Gómez. Sexism in the Daily Express.

2015. Adriana Nogales Tarragó. The English Resultative Construction: Keeping the Meaning When Translating into Spanish?

2015. Montserrat Fruitós Cortijo. Refusals of Offers by Catalan Learners of English.

2014. Romina Casals Griera. The Translation of the English Passive into Catalan.

2014. Jorgelina Rodríguez Louro Aller. The L2 Lexical Network: Exploring the Connections among Words in Native Spanish Speakers of English.